Unusual Pansela Path Day Two: Smooth Road, Jos’ View!


This is the experience detik.com on the second day of an unusual journey on the South Coast route (Pansela). In the second stage of the day, we walked through Sindangbarang, Cianjur-Pangandaran.

There are several highlights that we will provide starting from the condition of the road to the condition of the lighting. On the second day of the unusual homecoming trip on the Pansela Line, Sunday (4/24/2022), we spent approximately 7 hours because we stopped at several tourist destinations.

The following are six highlights of the unusual homecoming crossing Pansela, Cianjur-Pangandaran:

1. Just two cars and two motorbikes

In general, the road on the Pansela Line, Cianjur-Pangandaran, has a very smooth surface, smooth! There are no annoying holes during the trip.

Indeed, there are several holes, they are in several sections in Garut Regency and are not very dangerous holes. In addition, there are also several landslide points but they have been repaired in the same district.

The Pansela Line, Cianjur-Pangandaran, is indeed less wide than the Pantura Line. Here, the road is only enough for two cars and two motorbikes, even in some sections it is only enough for two cars to pass each other.

2. Be careful with local drivers who don’t wear helmets

Because the Pansela Line, Cianjur-Pangandaran, is fairly narrow, so those of you who are going home by car must be wary of local drivers. They are easy to spot because most of them don’t wear helmets.

3. Green rice fields and shrimp ponds

PanselaOne of the views of the Pansela line (Achmad Masaul/detikcom)

Along the Pansela Line, Cianjur-Pangandaran, there are so many beautiful spots, in the form of green rice fields decorated with coconut trees and set in dense forest.

In addition, there are also several ponds in several areas. Usually the existence of these ponds is in a flat area and is directly adjacent to the beach.

If you look and feel deeper, there are several spots that will bring you deja vu, because the area is similar to the coast in Eastern Indonesia. However, that feeling disappears when you see a green landscape like the one above.

4. Up and down the hills of teak forest andview sea

The Pansela route, Cianjur-Pandandaran, is indeed very beautiful because of the contours of the road. This route is like a traveler who is going home leisurely.

You will be taken up and down hills, seeing various forests, ranging from teak, rubber, sengon, to heterogeneous forests. But what is certain is that at some point you will be very close to the sea because the road is indeed on the beach.