US MotoGP Second Podium 2021 Feels Like a Champion


Fabio Quartararo was not disappointed that he only finished second in the 2021 United States MotoGP. Because. The result was enough to bring him closer to the world title.

Quartararo got second place in yesterday’s qualifying session. When the race at the Circuit of The Americas, Monday (4/10/2021) early in the morning WIB, started, Quartararo tried to immediately push into the leading position.

However, Marc Maquez was faster and controlled the position from the first corner. After that Quartararo tried to catch Marquez but failed continuously.

In the end, Quartararo chose to let Marquez run in front and focus on maintaining second position. Because, Quartararo was overtaken by Jorge Martin who was stalking him.

Until the end of the race. Quartararo still finished second and Marquez won. There was no look of disappointment from Quartararo because he was not happy with the result.

Because, the additional 20 points confirmed Quartararo at the top of the MotoGP standings with 254 points, 52 points ahead of Bagnaia in second position with 202 points.

Considering that there are only three races left in the 2021 MotoGP, Quartararo is getting closer to the world title. The French racer can even lock the title as long as he can achieve one victory.

Because Quartararo only needed 24 points to kill Bagnaia’s chances of winning and that started at the Emilia-Romagna MotoGP 24 October.

“This is the second best podium in my career. Honestly, this is even sweeter than winning, because I am getting closer to my dream,” said Fabio Quartararo on Yamaha’s official website.

“It’s very emotional because there are only three races left and I have a lead of more than 50 points. At least our long journey has paid off. I will now go home and relax with my family for a few days.