US Tourists Willing to Queue for 1 Hour to See Indonesian Tours Virtually

San Francisco, California, USA

Introducing tourist destinations in Indonesia, it is appropriate to use technology. The Consulate General in San Francisco, USA allows people to travel virtually to various interesting destinations in Indonesia using Meta Quest Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

In a press release from the Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco, to attract US tourists to Indonesia, the Indonesian Consulate General held a “Visit Indonesia Virtually!” at the Commonwealth Club event, San Francisco on September 30, 2022 local time.

As a non-profit organization founded in 1903 and engaged in various public activities ranging from political, economic to socio-cultural and community topics with 450 activities annually throughout the US, the Commonwealth Club’s activities have attracted the attention of local and foreign public in the San Francisco Bay area. areas.

No less than 40 organizations/agencies participated, ranging from local and foreign institutions or communities, diplomatic corps, and other non-profit organizations based in San Francisco and its surroundings. About 700 visitors came to the event from various cities mainly from Northern California.

In general, Bay Light Mixer Art activities consist of a combination of traditional, folklore, and modern art performances, various literary performances, fashion and fine arts exhibitions such as painting/sculpture, as well as promotion of tourism destinations, the economy, and culinary bazaars. .

However, different from other organizations and communities that only show one booth or performance, Indonesian participation has its own privileges and can display its promotional activities at every opportunity and in all areas within the Commonwealth Club venue.

“The trust given by the organizers to Indonesia is based on the commitment to the participation of the Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco, which was conveyed to Indonesia long ago
organizers to display interesting program presentations and promotional forms so that they can also influence the level of visits and the variety of festive events,” said the Indonesian Consul General for San Francisco, Prasetyo Hadi, who was also present at one of the largest tourism cultural exhibitions in San Francisco.

Many visitors who came seemed so enthusiastic to visit all Indonesian booths which were considered varied and carried interesting themes, starting from the “VIV-Visit Indonesia Virtually!” – a special promotion of virtual Indonesian tourist destinations on Metaverse using Meta Quest Virtual Reality (VR) technology, exhibitions of batik and traditional ikat cloth, regional dance performances, as well as exhibitions of economic potential and various culinary bazaars of Indonesian specialties such as satay, lontong vegetables, meatball noodles, fried meatballs, bajigur, bandrek, as well as various market snacks such as risoles, lemper, fried bananas, pastels, and various other cakes.

The Director of Travel – Commonwealth Club, as the Chairperson of the event organizer, Kristina Nemeth, expressed her high appreciation to Indonesia for giving a different nuance in this time’s art-culture and tourism promotion event.

“Indonesia’s contribution to this event has further enriched the understanding of the diverse arts and culture of the Indonesian people and diaspora. Visitors who came were also seen enjoying the typical Indonesian cuisine served, thereby adding to the excitement of the activity,” said Kristina.

The large number of visitors’ interest in various Indonesian promotional booths was also expressed by several visitors who were willing to queue for more than an hour just to be able to explore booth VIV – Visit Indonesia Virtually! – a digital promotion method using Virtual Reality (VR) Meta Quest technology that can bring users’ imaginations to various lists of tourist destinations as a driving force so that they are more curious to travel to Indonesia.

The Consulate General in San Francisco, USA allows people to travel virtually to various interesting destinations in Indonesia using Meta Quest Virtual Reality (VR) technology.The Consulate General in San Francisco, USA allows people to travel virtually to various interesting destinations in Indonesia using Meta Quest Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Photo: Consulate General in San Francisco

“I feel that there are many tourist destination features as well as Indonesian specialty coffee at booth VIV that uses the Meta Quest/Oculus tool, very interesting, and gives the impression of virtual reality like bringing us to the actual situation in one of the tourist destinations chosen by visitors,” said Alex Silva – a Marketing Director of a travel company in San Jose, who is trying to explore the VIV Indonesia booth.

He also shared his experiences of visiting Jakarta, Bandung, and Bali, and expressed his interest in visiting other tourist destinations in Indonesia in the near future.

Indonesia’s participation and existence at the Commonwealth Club, where most of the visitors are foreigners, is an important moment to be used primarily to further support the implementation of economic and socio-cultural diplomacy of the Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco in the working area.

The Consul for Social and Cultural Affairs, Mahmudin Nur Al-Gozaly, said that the magnitude of the international and foreign publics involved in activities like this at the same time
as a means to continue to promote tourism, arts and culture, economic potential as well as the richness and uniqueness of Indonesian cuisine in the eyes of local US and foreign communities.

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