Viral Sodomites in a Dieng Hamlet and Disappeared Overnight


Recently, it was viral on social media that there was a hamlet with Sodomites in the Dieng area, Central Java. The hamlet reportedly disappeared overnight.

Searched by team, the story is related to the sad story of Dusun Legetang in the Dieng plateau, Central Java. Legetang is a hamlet that along with hundreds of its residents ‘disappeared’ overnight, 67 years ago.

At that time, Legetang Hamlet was located in Pekasiran Village, a village in the Dieng mountains, Batur District, Banjarnegara Regency. The hamlet, which is inhabited by 450 people, was razed to the ground because it was buried by the avalanche of Mount Pengamun-amun on April 17, 1955.

Now, Dusun Legetang is just a name, remembered with a 10 meter high concrete monument. The monument that stands in the middle of a potato field belonging to the residents is a sign that an extraordinary disaster has occurred.

Decades have passed, now the outside of the monument looks weathered with age. There is no special inscription on the monument that tells the tragic events of the past. The only data that can be found on the monument is a marble carving containing a list of disasters in the Dieng mountains along with the number of victims.

The sculpture is located in Kepakisan Village, east of Pekasiran Village, or rather at the T-junction leading to the Sileri crater tourist attraction. On the sculpture, the number of victims who died due to the burial of Dusun Legetang was written, which reached 450 people.

The tragic incident 67 years ago was recorded in the memories of the residents of Pekasiran Village. It’s just that now most of the residents have died. Now, it is their children and grandchildren who continue to tell the story of the ‘disappearance’ of Dusun Legetang.

The location of Dusun Legetang, Dieng, and disappeared overnight 67 years ago, Saturday (26/3/2022).Isnurhadi in Legetang Hamlet, Dieng who disappeared overnight 67 years ago (Photo: Uje Hartono/detikJateng)

One of them is Isnurhadi. He is one of the community leaders in Pekasiran Village. He said the landslide in Legetang Hamlet occurred at night during the rainy season. The landslide killed all residents in the village buried.

“No one in Legetang Hamlet survived. All of them died in the landslide,” Isnurhadi said when visiting the former Legetang Hamlet, last Friday (25/3/2022).

Legetang Hamlet is only about 1 kilometer from the center of Pekasiran Village. Some residents of Pekasiran at that time claimed to hear a rumbling sound when the landslide buried Legetang. However, Isnurhadi said that in the past, Pekasiran residents were afraid to approach Legetang because it was reported that the land in the Pengamun-amun Mountains was still moving.

“The roar of the landslide reached here. Some of our parents heard it, but did not dare to approach. Apart from the lack of lighting, it was said that the ground there was still moving. Legetang hamlet turned out to be razed to the ground,” Isnurhadi said.

Isnurhadi added that the next day, many residents of the surrounding hamlets were shocked and cried after finding out that Legetang Hamlet had been razed to the ground. In fact, the height of the landslide material at that time was said to have reached more than 2 meters.

“Many are crying because many friends or relatives live in the hamlet (Legetang). Everything has been leveled to the ground. The height (avalanche) is more than 2 meters, because all the houses are buried,” he said.

Since then, the bodies of the residents of Dusun Legetang are still buried with their houses. Due to limited equipment, the search for victims was only carried out at a point suspected to be the location of the residence of a high-ranking member of the Legetang Hamlet.

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