Viral Train Passing Near Settlement, Panic Isn’t It?


A video showing a train passing through a residential area has gone viral on social media. The location is known in Yogyakarta. How come?

The location of the train crossing close to the settlement is precisely in RT 37/RW 10, Pengok Village, Demangan Village, Gondokusuman Ministry of Education, Yogyakarta City. There are about 30 houses adjacent to the railroad crossing.

Trains that cross this route usually go to Balai Yasa or train repair shops in Jogja. Trains that pass usually depart from Lempuyangan Station.

The location of settlements in Jogja which is crossed by the trainThe location of settlements in Yogyakarta which is crossed by the train. Photo: Heri Susanto/detikJateng

The head of RW 10, Zulnasri, explained that residents around the tracks were used to the trains passing by. Instead of panicking, residents actually enjoyed the moment the train passed as entertainment.

“Residents actually enjoy it. If they are disturbed, they are used to it. Because the south is double rails more often,” said Zulnasri.

Zul said there was a distance of about two meters between the residential area and the rail. Residents also already know if the rail can be passed by the train at any time, so it is impossible to put goods on the rail.

“I already know, no one parked the vehicle on it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Operational Region (Daop) 6 Jogja Supriyanto said that the railroad tracks on Jalan Mutiara were deliberately not made of crossings. The reason is because the area is a special area. In addition, the speed of the train also tends to be slower than the train in general. In addition, there are not always trains that pass there, the duration can only be two months or two.

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