Was confused, this is the reason Quartararo wants to stay at Yamaha


The young French rider, Fabio Quartararo, is still in a relationship with Yamaha until 2024. The 2021 world champion was confused about whether to stay at Yamaha or move to another manufacturer. So what keeps him at the Iwata manufacturer?

Fabio Quartararo’s collaboration will continue until 2024. El Diablo, as this racer is nicknamed, believes in the promise given by Yamaha.

Yes, Quartararo said Yamaha would improve the top speed of the YZR-M1. This is what often complains and becomes an obstacle for Quartararo. In fact, he was confused whether to choose to stay or move to another manufacturer.

“We didn’t just talk to Yamaha. At one point my head went one way, another week changed my mind, I wanted to go (in another direction), and it was a little bit difficult,” Quartararo was quoted as saying. Crash.

Yamaha is said to be adding new engineers to the YZR-M1 development project. Especially when it comes to speed.

“Basically, my first goal was to have the best bike and the best project. And they convinced me [untuk bertahan] because they will bring in new people, engineers, and they know exactly where they need to develop.”

Quartararo could even fall 10-12km/h slower than the fastest engine of the season.

“In the past, maybe they were working on some areas, but they [Yamaha] don’t really accept that the motor is slower than the others. And now they know and they will obviously work on this weak point.”

“To be fair, I feel really good on the bike. Of course every rider always wants more. But the only thing we miss compared to the others, is speed.”

“So that’s what made me really take the decision to stay at Yamaha. I know that they are pushing to bring more power and I feel good on the bike.”

“I’m very happy because they really understand [sekarang] and they did their best to find what we were missing. A lot of people, engineers, will go into the engine side and work on that part of the bike.”

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