Watching a Tobacco and Coffee Party in Temanggung


Temanggung is one of the best tobacco-producing regions in the world. Well, there is a unique festival related to the main commodity.

So far, when talking about tourism in Central Java, maybe some people will quickly mention Semarang, Magelang, and Solo. Even though Temanggung turns out to have natural and cultural tourism potential that is no less interesting.

The area which is about 60 kilometers from Semarang is known as a producer of coffee and especially tobacco which is number one in the world. Well, every time the community or coffee and tobacco farmers will start the planting or harvesting season, they usually hold their own party.

When visiting Temanggung last weekend, coincidentally there was a Coffee Harvesting Wiwit Mbako Festival being held on 19-21 August 2022. This time the festival was very special because it had only been held again after being stopped for 2 years.

It is also possible to hold a festival in the square as conditions for the Covid-19 pandemic improve. No wonder thousands of people tumplek blek there, from children, teenagers, to the elderly.

For three consecutive days, a repertoire of traditional arts was held related to starting the tobacco and coffee harvest. This event is the culmination of the previous Wiwit Harvest Mbako event which has been held in three mountains, namely Sumbing, Sindoro, Prau.

Mbako Coffee Harvest Wiwit FestivalWiwit Mbako Festival Temanggung Coffee Harvest (Photo: Maz Cuplis/Special)

The Wiwit Mbako Coffee Harvest Festival means that the people of Temanggung have started harvesting tobacco and together with coffee farmers enter the coffee harvest season.

As a form of gratitude to God Almighty, the ceremony is carried out with various uba rampe or symbols such as tumpeng, ingkung, snack market, water from three mountains namely Sumbing, Sindoro, Prau, weak (land) three mountains, tobacco 12 strands, cherry coffee, green coffee, mortar pestle, and others.

On Friday (19/8/2022), after Asr until before sunset, then after Isha until midnight, traditional art performances were held by 7 art groups. The seven arts referred to include jaran braid, soreng, ireng mask, concert and ndolalak.

The stage setting is artistically set with tobacco rigs, and equipped with lighting to support the performances of the artists, so that this traditional performance is expected to have a modern touch.

On the second day, Saturday (20/8/2022), jaran braids, ireng masks were held again in the afternoon until sunset. Then in the evening a ketoprak performance was held with the play ‘Nggayuh Wahyuning Mbako’ which tells the love stories of the legends of Roro Mendut and Pronacitro.

Mbako Coffee Harvest Wiwit FestivalWiwit Mbako Festival Temanggung Coffee Harvest (Photo: Maz Cuplis/Special)

The last day, Sunday (21/8/2022), the ‘Wilujengan Panen Mbako’ procession was held. The ceremony starts from the Pengdopo Pengayoman by squeezing tobacco leaves from three mountains, Sumbing, Sindoro, Prau. Taken along with water and soil from the three mountains.

From the Pendopo, Regent Muhammad Al Khadziq as ‘Pangarso Tani’ walked to the main square followed by a group of three tumpeng which literally represented the three mountains in Temanggung Regency. Behind him, six farmers brought cacak (manual chopping tools), followed by biyung tani (farm mother) who was asked to bring ripening tobacco from the pavilion.

In the next row, the coffee farmers will bring coffee glondong. In the group, Forkompimda participated in walking from the pavilion to the square, to the accompaniment of the song from Temanggung Smiling.

Arriving at the stage, the square is placed in a predetermined place, namely on the stage and held three braids, to put the cacak (chopping tool) from the three mountains, then brought along with the pestle, which is a symbol of the coffee farmer.

After praying together, around 5,000 tobacco and coffee farmers were present, eating together 1,000 chicken ingkung and tumpeng. Ingkung ayam (chicken cooked whole, without being cut into pieces) and tumpeng were brought by farmer groups from 20 sub-districts in Temanggung.

This article was submitted by reader Elvy Yusanti and modified as necessary by the editor.

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