When Air Batik Stewardess Celebrate Batik Day, Oops Sweet Miss!


The celebration of National Batik Day which fell on Sunday (2/10) was also celebrated by the flight attendants of Batik Air airline. Duh, the sweetness of these batik flight attendants.

On the commemoration of National Batik Day 2022 last October 2, the Batik Air airline turned out to be holding a Fashion Show event at an altitude of 35,000 feet. The event was held with the theme Icon of Pride of Indonesia.

The Fashion Show at an altitude of 35,000 feet was exhibited by the best cabin crew, including Aya Chandra, Lielian Prescilla, Putra Bagus Maulana, Shinta Yuliasmi, Tiffani Pricilia, Putri Andriani, Paramita Kisstyaning, Naomi Gracia Caroline, Aqda Andela, Sheibyna Kinka, and Kholissatun Nasiroh.

The Fashion Show event was held to coincide with the launch of the new Batik Air airline route to Samarinda and Pekanbaru, as well as the addition of flying frequencies to Medan Kualanamu (KNO), Surabaya Juanda (SUB) and Yogyakarta Kulonprogo (YIA) from Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport (HLP) in Jakarta. .

“At this event, Batik Air carries a philosophy rich in meaning from Indonesia which requires concentration of mind (concentration in operating), patience and cleanliness of the soul (all hearts serve), as well as the historical value of the work of the nation’s children so that they can continue to be able to travel to various countries,” said Corporate Communications Strategic of Batik Air, Danang Mandala Prihantoro in his statement.

Batik Air flight attendants celebrate National Batik Day 2022Batik Air flight attendants celebrate National Batik Day 2022 Photo: (Doc. Batik Air)

At the Fashion Show at an altitude of 35,000 feet, Batik Air flight attendants demonstrated batik motifs from 3 regions, each with its own philosophy, namely:

1. Luwuk

Nambo weaving is the pride of Banggai Regency which has high artistic value and is favored in the trend center ethical tourism attraction in Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi.

The batik motifs consist of Batara Guru (meaning prosperity), Sawerigading (adventurous spirit, self-development and thinking for progress), We Cudai (character to protect, shade and show elegance), I La Galigo (pioneer spirit, leader, hard worker and independent).

Batik Air flight attendants celebrate National Batik Day 2022Batik Air flight attendants celebrate National Batik Day 2022 Photo: (Doc. Batik Air)

2. Jayapura

Batik represents the cultural diversity and natural wealth of Papua. Papuan batik motifs are meaningful with the recesses of the heart, emitting a moral message of human love for the natural environment. The combination of asymmetrical motifs shows ethnic characteristics and bright colors.

3. National Motive

Describes various destinations or destinations for Batik Air in Indonesia. The combination of lines, shapes into a single unit that embodies batik as a whole. The aesthetic value that is owned shows good and cool.

“For Batik Air, the batik philosophy has become one of the foundations for continuing to work, along with sincerity in serving throughout the country, batik patterns with the best wishes and prayers and symbolizing knowledge which means to grow and develop. Always inspire to continue to fly more taller and wider again,” concluded Danang.

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