Wow! Lion Air Has the Shortest Route, Only 20 Minutes!


Lion Air Group airlines open new domestic routes. This route is the shortest ever on Lion Air!

This route flies from Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport, Palembang to Depati Amir Airport, on Bangka Island. This flight only takes 20-25 minutes.

“The inaugural flight as the shortest route with a duration of 20 minutes – 25 minutes was introduced to coincide with National Customer Day on Sunday (04/09),” said Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air, Danang Mandala Prihantoro.

During the flight, Lion Air held games and gave souvenirs to passengers as a form of appreciation for being the first passenger on this shortest route.

Lion Air's shortest route, Palembang-Bangka IslandLion Air’s shortest route, Palembang-Bangka Island Photo: (Lion Air Group)

“The inaugural flight to Tanjung Pandan from Pangkalpinang (as the shortest route) is an effort to support the G20 Presidency event – Aerospace Industry,” he continued, quoted from an official statement.

In addition, the opening of this route is also in line with efforts to support the regional and national economic recovery process. Now, Tanjung Pandan is directly connected to and Pangkalpinang.

For this route, Lion Air operates a Boeing 737-800 Next Generation with a capacity of 189 economy class seats equipped with a Boeing Sky Interior that provides a sense of comfort when flying.

“All passengers can enjoy entertainment for free from the Tripper app on land and in the air without having to pay extra (extra). This entertainment is connected via wireless inflight entertainment (W-IFE) from AirFi which is accessed from all smartphones and tablets. ,” he said.

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