Yamaha Autonomous Vehicles Begin Testing at Panasonic Factory


Yamaha again proves their seriousness to be able to give birth to autonomous vehicles. One of them is by establishing a special company called Eve Autonomy, this company is also explained to have tested the ‘Eve Autonomous Transportation Service at the Panasonic factory.

Quoted by visordown, Yamaha has finally really tested their autonomous vehicle. He explained that in the future, autonomous vehicles will be the vehicles needed by contemporary society in the future.

Yamaha saw this opportunity and decided to continue to innovate to produce autonomous vehicles.

It should be noted that Panasonic’s relationship with Toyota has also been closely intertwined. Panasonic was present at F1 with Toyota between 2002 and 2009, and the two companies have also established a joint venture Prime Planet Energy & Solutions starting in 2020 to deliver batteries.

Likewise, the Yamaha and Toyota group companies have recently grown closer, as the two – as well as many other companies – have worked together to develop hydrogen technology as a fuel for vehicles.

Illustration Yamaha teamed up with Sony to build a self-driving car. The car is codenamed SC-1 which combines Yamaha and Sony’s autonomous technology. Photo: Yamaha

Now the relationship between Yamaha and Panasonic continues by testing Yamaha autonomous vehicles at the Panasonic factory.

“This autonomous car will assist several processes in the factory, by becoming an autonomous vehicle for the transportation of parts across multiple buildings, will replace the role of forklifts and manned trucks,” said Yamaha.

Previously, Yamaha has also collaborated with Tier IV Inc. companies. This investment by Yamaha is the third time that Yamaha and Tier IV Inc announced their collaboration to produce autonomous technology in 2019.

Tier IV is explained to be responsible for producing Autoware, an autonomous driving operating system (OS) technology, to be able to truly produce autonomous technology on motorcycles.

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