Yamaha Europe Refreshes ‘NMAX Tricycle’


Yamaha Europe gave a refresh to three-wheeled motorcycles with the same engine base as the NMAX, namely the Tricity 125 and Tricity 155. This refresh was carried out on the engine, a little on the frame, to the design.

In order to make the environment better, the Tricity 125 or 155 is now carrying a new engine that has passed the EURO5 emission test. The engine, which is equipped with Blue Core technology, is now claimed to be more efficient and emission-friendly. In addition, the Tricity engine is also equipped with Yamaha’s typical Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology.

Tricity 125 or 155 now carry a new engine that has passed the EURO5 emission test Photo: Yamaha Motor Europe

“Boasting durable forged pistons and a newly designed cylinder head as well as a larger intake valve and an improved compression ratio, the new Tricity 125 engine benefits from Yamaha’s VVA technology which ensures good acceleration with lively performance and reduced fuel consumption, ” wrote Yamaha Europe in their official release on Thursday (5/5/22).

In addition to a more emission-friendly engine, Tricity also carries a Starter Generator Control Unit (SGCU) which is claimed to make the electrical and electronic functions of the engine more optimal. Yamaha even claims that with this technology the delivery of fuel, motor power generation, and the Start & Stop system can be more environmentally friendly.

“This SGCU also manages the engine’s new Smart Motor Generator system which combines the functions of separate generators and the previous model’s starter motor into one compact unit,” wrote Yamaha.

Not only on emissions in general, Yamaha also makes sound emissions from this Tricity increasingly minimal. The Start & Stop System on the Yamaha Tricity is claimed to be much quieter and more efficient in how it works. This makes it more suitable for everyday use in big cities.

Yamaha Tricity 125 model 2022In the chassis sector, Yamaha has made a few revisions to the layout and steering axle. Photo: Yamaha Motor Europe

In the chassis sector, Yamaha gave a slight revision to the layout and steering axle. Tricity which carries the LMW Ackermann steering system or the same as that of the Yamaha NIKEN, now uses a new design on the front wheel which is claimed to be more natural in handling.

“This new design ensures that the left and right front wheels always carve concentric arcs even in deep slopes, providing a more natural and intuitive feel and making it easier for the rider to stay on the path of their choice,” wrote Yamaha.

The presence of changes in the chassis sector, makes the Yamaha Tricity extends about 60 mm in the wheelbase. Although elongated, Yamaha claims that the control of the new Tricity model is getting better and more comfortable than the previous version.

Sector rear legs also received a revision. Yamaha has now installed a dual model rear quasi which is about 90 mm longer than the previous version. The spring rate and damping character of the rear quasi was also made stronger to provide a more stable effect on the motor.

Yamaha Tricity 125 model 2022As a modern Yamaha motorcycle, the latest version of the Tricity is equipped with a digital instrument cluster screen that can be connected to a smartphone. Photo: Yamaha Motor Europe

As a modern Yamaha motorcycle, the latest version of the Tricity is equipped with a digital instrument cluster screen that can be connected to a smartphone. Similar to the technology that is present in the Indonesian version of NMAX, from the screen of the Tricity instrument cluster, it can display phone notifications, social media, email, or short messages that enter the smartphone.

For other convenience, Tricity also now comes with a wider deck and is claimed to be more comfortable than the previous version. In addition, the pillion footstep was revised and more practical to use. Tricity has also now revised the reflector of the main lights to make it better in terms of lighting at night.

Tricity 125 and 155 now come in two new color options, namely Petrol Blue or blue and Sand Gray or gray. In addition, there is also a choice of Matt Gray or matte gray. This three-wheeled motorbike is planned to go on sale in September 2022 and until now there has been no price information disclosed by Yamaha.

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