Yamaha-Honda Haven’t Sell Electric Motorcycles, Workshop Opportunities Offer Conversion Services


Unlike several car brands that have marketed full-battery electric vehicles in Indonesia, the two motorcycle giants Honda and Yamaha have not officially sold full-battery electric motorcycles in Indonesia. This is an opportunity for motorbike repair shops to offer conversion services from gasoline engines to electric motorbikes to bikers who want to experience the experience of driving an electric motorbike, but with a conventional motorbike packaging or form.

Conversion of gasoline motorbikes to electric motorbikes is one of the main programs of the Indonesian government under President Jokowi. The rules for converting gasoline to electric motorcycles are in the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. PM 65 of 2020 concerning Conversion of Motorcycles with Fuel Motor Drives into Battery-Based Electric Motorcycles.

This regulation was made to attract people’s interest to switch to electric two-wheeled vehicles that are environmentally friendly, without having to buy new electric vehicles. This conversion process can be carried out in modification workshops that have received certification from the Ministry of Transportation.

Converted electric Vespa by Elders Garage Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang

Heret Frasthio, founder of Elders Garage–who has received a Ministry of Transportation certification to convert electricity–said that currently the opportunity for public workshops to enliven electrification in the country is still wide open. Because the big players at the manufacturer level such as Honda and Yamaha are still conducting research on electric motorcycles without any clarity on when to market them in Indonesia.

“The market for EVs is still small, even big players like the Honda brand, Yamaha, they haven’t been too focused on their electric vehicles in Indonesia,” said Heret in a virtual press conference, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

“So we can take advantage of this moment because it’s still wide. This means that when we convert, we don’t actually touch or hit the big players. Moreover, what we are converting at this time are motorbikes that tend to be old. and why is the government pushing this because it is also to suppress gasoline prices so they don’t continue to rise. So there is alternative energy that the Indonesian people can use,” continued Heret.

But it should be noted, not all workshops are allowed to legally convert electricity, because there are some special requirements. Starting from the operation period of the workshop, including the availability of tools and equipment to carry out the conversion.

“The main requirement is that the workshop must operate for two years as a general workshop. Then have complete equipment as a general workshop and have experts with at least two years of experience. So during testing, the Ministry of Transportation comes to our workshop to check all the completeness of our equipment and they have a list of all the equipment (needed for conversion). From there we try to complete what is lacking, until they see everything is complete, we can get certification. This process takes about 3 months, “explained Heret.