Yamaha M1 Love Letter to Valentino Rossi who is officially retired


Valentino Rossi won the Grand Prix race with seven different motorbikes. Yamaha M1 is arguably one of the most special for The Doctor.

Rossi last night had his last race in MotoGP. The 42-year-old racer officially retired with a record nine world titles, 115 victories and 199 podium finishes.

With everything he has achieved, Rossi is not only a MotoGP legend. He is a big name in the world automotive arena.

Just look at how he managed to become a world champion by breaking through the times, technology, and motorcycles with different specifications. Rossi is the only rider who can become world champion with five different engine capacities: 125cc, 250cc, 500cc, 800cc and 990cc.

Among these bikes, the Yamaha M1 is one of the most special for Rossi. Joining Yamaha in 2014, Rossi immediately won the world title with the team. A total of four world titles and 56 victories were won.

For Yamaha and M1 motorcycles, Rossi is the figure they have been waiting for for a long time. Before Rossi came, Yamaha continued to fail to become world champion in Grand Prix racing.

After Rossi officially retired last night, he received a ‘love letter’ from a Yamaha M1, the bike that helped him achieve great glory in MotoGP.

Quoted from the Yamaha MotoGP Instagram account, here is the contents of a love letter to Rossi.

Valentino Rossi rides a Yamaha in the 2004 pre-season test, the first year he joined Yamaha Photo: Getty Images/Robert Cianflone

I still remember Saturday, January 24, 2004 feels like just yesterday
Our first date in Malaysia
I’ve been waiting for someone like you for a long time
I was nervous, but it was love at first sight for both of us
I quickly knew that our relationship would be something special
We have an undeniable once-in-a-lifetime sparkle, and all the pieces of the puzzle come together
I will never forget how we stopped on the grass Welkom 2004
Just the two of us, realizing that you and I are meant to be together – and that’s just the beginning
Together we won four world titles and 56 races
We give joy to millions of people in the world, which will be remembered forever
We make history, because we work as a unit and bring out the best in us

Valentino Rossi of Italy rides his Yamaha out of the pits during testing at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia, 11 February 2004. Several MotoGP teams are conducting testing sessions at Sepang prior to the start of the 2004 season.  AFP PHOTO / Jimin LAI (Photo by JIMIN LAI / AFP)Rossi’s first chance to ride a Yamaha M1 during a pre-season test session in Sepang, Malaysia Photo: AFP/JIMIN LAI

You make me strong again
You make me appreciated again
You make me loved again
Only you, Valentino, have the ability to do that
And now I fully believe
I wholeheartedly support you
I fought the wars you fought
Only I can make your racing world interesting again until the very last moment
From our first kiss on the Welkom grass to our last dance in Valencia this year, we’ve been on so many incredible adventures.
There are also our special trips to Laguna Seca 2008 and Catalunya 2009
Nobody can do what we did there back then, can they?
Also at Assen 2009 when I led you to your 100th win
That’s magic!
I brought you 16 years of your total amazing journey
But you also take me into your heart
From Mugello to Motegi, from Silverstone to Sepang, and from Barcelona to Buriram, we are always there together
I gave everything, so did you
One thing I will always remember is our chat on the grid
You and I ‘race or die’
But sadly, even the greatest love story will have an ending
Valentino, you are a part of me
Part of history
A part of what I am now and I will be in the future after we part
Our relationship is very special, I will miss you more than you know
Grazie, Valentino

Full of love
your M1

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