Yamaha Motor Gets Faster, ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia Reveals Side Effects


Yamaha’s getting faster not only makes Fabio Quartararo happy. On the other hand, his competitor from Ducati, Francesco Bagnaia, revealed the side effects that will be received by Yamaha motorcycles as the power increases.

The MotoGP test at the Misano Circuit, Italy, was held on 6-7 September 2022. Yamaha through the YZR-M1 2023 prototype managed to make significant progress with a new, faster engine, both during acceleration and when trying to reach top speed.

The Yamaha YZR-M1 2023, which has received the touch of former F1 engineer, Luca Marmorini, has succeeded in making Quartararo make up. On the second day of the Misano test session, El Diablo came out as the fastest rider. He recorded a lap time of 1 minute 31.054 seconds.

Francesco Bagnaia Photo: Getty Images/Steve Wobser

Interestingly, the maximum speed or top speed of the YZR-M1 2023 that was launched by Quartararo only lost to the Ducati Desmosedici GP. The French rider recorded a top speed of 298.3 km / h, while the Ducati in the hands of Jorge Martin was able to accelerate at 300 km / h.

The trend of improving the performance of the M1 has also received the spotlight from its rival, Francesco Bagnaia. According to ‘Pecco’, a faster Yamaha motorcycle will have side effects.

“They work in the opposite way (to us), to find the (highest) speed. But when they get that, maybe (Yamaha) will have less stability, less agility,” Bagnaia said. Crash.

In contrast to Yamaha, the development of Ducati motorcycles is no longer focused on aspects of acceleration and performance top speed. Ducati Desmosedici will now focus on performance in the corners. Therefore, the development is no longer the engine, but more to the chassis.

“At the moment we are only focused on the chassis, having a better feeling with the bike,” said Bagnaia. “Because from the outside it looks like our bike is perfect now, but we lost a lot of time in the corners or at the finish line, compared to Yamaha.”

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