Yamaha Promises, Buying a Motorcycle at BNI Java Jazz 2022 Can Get Units Faster!


Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) was present at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2022 music event which took place 27-29 May 2022 at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. YIMM collaborated with Yamaha Musik Indonesia Distributor (YMID), carrying the spirit of ‘Two Yamahas One Passion’. YIMM also gives a guarantee to consumers who buy here in the form of a guarantee to get a motor unit faster.

Yamaha presents 3 display booths (1 main booth and 2 satellite booths) at the Java Jazz Festival 2022. Some of the Yamaha models displayed include the Fazzio Hybrid Connected and the Maxi Yamaha scooter, including the All New NMAX 155 Connected, including the All New Aerox 155. Connected.

“Through the spirit of ‘Two Yamahas One Passion’ which connects the two Yamaha brands, both Yamaha Motor and Yamaha Musik have committed to collaborating with each other in providing a pleasant experience or ‘Excitement Feeling’ to consumers. Not only through product innovation, but also various interesting activities that can fulfill their lifestyle needs and also their existence,” said Executive Vice President & COO of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg. (YIMM), Dyonisius Beti, at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta (27/5/2022).

Beti continued, adding, Yamaha has provided 100 units of various models of motorcycles specifically sold at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2022. What’s interesting, consumers who buy Yamaha motorcycles at this event will get their units faster because they are prioritized by Yamaha.

Yamaha at Java Jazz 2022 Photo: Luthfi Anshori/oto.detik.com

“Right now, there are big fans, big demand, but production is lacking, yes, all industries, so consumers may hunt to buy here. Cash is not rejected here. At dealers it often takes a long time, if here it’s fast. So guarantee guarantees from the factory will be prioritized here (Java Jazz Festival 2022 event). It will definitely be sorted, but priority here, “said Dyon.

“There is a quota here, about 100 units, the total model. All of that quota will be spent. More than that, you have to pivot again, that’s it,” added Dyon.

Fazzio Jingle Competition

This year the collaboration between the two Yamaha divisions is still ongoing and getting stronger. In addition to being shown by the presence of Yamaha motorcycle products and musical instruments side by side at BNI Java Jazz 2022, Yamaha also held the Jingle Competition again by raising the Yamaha Fazzio which is the latest model from the Classy Yamaha family.

Yamaha also invites music lovers to participate in the Fazzio Jingle Competition, which is currently ongoing until June 10, 2022. The competition for creativity in music whose work is directly judged by the country’s renowned Music Director, Ronald Steven, will compete for many prizes. interesting for the 6 selected winning categories consisting of 3 Winners and 3 Special Awards.

The various prizes in each category are as follows:

Champion Category

– 1st Place: 1 Unit Yamaha Fazzio LUX Version + 1 Unit Yamaha Arranger Workstation PSR-SX900 + IDR 10,000,000 + Trophy.

– 2nd Place: 1 Unit Yamaha Fazzio NEO Version + 1 Unit Yamaha Electric Drum DTX6KX + IDR 5,000,000 + Trophy.

– 3rd Place: Yamaha Apparel + 1 Unit Yamaha Guitar APX600M + IDR 5,000,000 + Trophy.

Special Award Category

– Yamaha Motor President Award: IDR 3,500,000 Cash and Trophy.

– Yamaha Musik President Award: IDR 3,500,000 Cash and Trophy.

– Main Judges Special Award: IDR 3,500,000 Cash and Trophy.

The way to take part in the Fazzio Jingle Competition is very easy. Interested candidates can follow the steps below:

1. Create LYRICS and SONG with Creative Videos themed “Color Up Your Life!” (Color Your Day) with the mandatory lyrics “Yamaha, Fazzio Hybrid-Connected, Color Up Your Life, Classy Yamaha”.

2. Creative Video duration is maximum 2 minutes.

3. Participants do not have to use a Fazzio Hybrid-Connected motor in Creative Videos. Please be creative.

4. Upload your creative video jingle to INSTAGRAM or YOUTUBE social media starting from March 9, 2022 – June 10, 2022 at 23.59 WIB.

5. Mention and Follow @yamahaindonesia & @yamahamusicid and subscribe to the Youtube Channel Yamaha Motor Indonesia & Yamaha Musik ID.

6. Participants must use an attractive caption with the hashtag #FazzioJingleCompetition #YamahaFazzio #FazzioHybridConnected #ClassyYamaha #DiRumahPakeYamaha

7. Prize tax is borne by the winner.

8. All works participating in the Fazzio Jingle Competition become the property of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing.

9. Participants can register by filling in the registration link bit.ly/fazziojinglecompetition.

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