Yamaha Talks About the Challenges of Electric Motorcycle Development in Indonesia


Major two-wheeled automotive manufacturers are now starting to seriously develop electric vehicles. For example, as Yamaha did with the E01 electric scooter project, which is ready to be tested in a number of Asian countries and the European region.

According to Yamaha Motor, research and development of electric vehicles has serious challenges, related to the performance of battery mileage, as well as the availability of electric vehicle battery charging station facilities.

As stated by Yamaha Motor’s Proof of Concept (PoC) Planner, Nomura Yasushi, manufacturers are currently faced with the challenge of how to make the optimal combination of battery mileage capabilities and charging methods according to customer needs.

“If consumers need an electric motor that can cover longer distances, consumers must use the swap method (or replace an empty battery with a full battery),” said Nomura at a virtual Yamaha Motor E01 Product Briefing, Thursday (21/4/2022). ).

Even though the swap method is easier and more practical, of course, electric vehicle owners still need other supporting infrastructure such as charging stations. Because, not all electric vehicles use batteries that support the swap method.

“When (the electric motor) you only rely on the power supply unit, unfortunately we don’t have that infrastructure, so that anyone can freely use this facility anywhere in the cities they visit,” continued Nomura.

Moreover, there will be many electric motorcycle customers who use environmentally friendly vehicles to travel not only in one city, but also stop over to several other cities.

“Of course (battery swap) is possible (implemented) if we have the infrastructure to accommodate battery swaps, but this hasn’t happened yet. Therefore (alternatively) we have to make the battery bigger than the biggest one, but given that it will be difficult to use the swap method In addition, because the battery is very large, it takes longer to recharge,” explained Nomura.