Yamaha TMAX 2022 Launches, Design is More Aggressive and Sporty


Yamaha has officially released the TMAX 2022 and TMAX Tech Max for the European market. Still carrying the maxi scooter concept, the latest TMAX underwent a radical design change, which made it look even more manly with a number of updates.

Quoted from Ride Apart, Yamaha brought many changes, especially in the design of the TMAX 2022. Starting from the aluminum frame to the fascia which is now updated to make it look more compact.

Yamaha is now carrying the TMAX 2022 with a more aggressive design. This can be seen from the body frame that carries aluminum material, making it more sturdy and ready to be driven at full speed on the highway.

Yamaha Europe has made major changes to TMAX compared to XMAX and XMAX which can only upgrade color options for 2022.

Now, the LED lights on the Yamaha TMAX 2022 are made slimmer to make it look sporty and elegant. There are also two air ducts located under the two headlights to reduce wind pressure when traveling at high speeds.

If you look at it, the Yamaha TMAX design is more like a big motorbike (moge) than an automatic scooter and it feels like it will be difficult to drive. However, the Japanese manufacturer still pays attention to the comfort of the rider while on the road.

The latest Yamaha TMAX gets a change in a slightly more advanced seating position. This makes the rider have a more ergonomic position and remains comfortable when the motor is carried at high speed or cornering.

Increasingly adding to the ergonomics, Yamaha TMAX changes the appearance of the windshield to be more upright. The center of the motorcycle is also slightly slimmer, this is done to provide more legroom for the rider.

Yamaha TMAX 2022 Photo: Yamaha-motor.eu

The rear or passenger seats are also updated by Yamaha. Now, the latest TMAX is equipped with handrails located on the side.

While in the suspension section, the Yamaha TMAX carries 41 mm with a linkage type horizontal monoshock rear suspension. Then the wheels used are Spin Forged 10-spoke, Yamaha claims that the TMAX 2022 is lighter and the handling is getting better and more stable thanks to the SpinForging technology.

The Yamaha TMAX 2022 is equipped with Bridgestone Battlax SC2 tires that have received an update. Even this latest tire is deliberately made specifically for the TMAX 2022.

Yamaha TMAX 2022Yamaha TMAX 2022 Photo: Yamaha-motor.eu

Regarding performance, the Yamaha TMAX 2022 engine does not get any changes. Still using parallel twin with a capacity of 560 cc Euro 5 which is capable of producing 47 hp and 55.7 Nm of torque.

Both TMAX and TMAX Tech Max 2022 are also equipped with a myriad of advanced technologies and features. Like the presence of an instrument panel with a 7-inch TFT model that can be connected to a smartphone, as well as Garmin GPS connections via Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB.

Other features include a windscreen that can be adjusted automatically, cruise control, backlight control, and an adjustable rear suspension. This makes the sensation of driving more comfortable especially for traveling out of town.

Yamaha TMAX 2022Yamaha TMAX 2022 Photo: Yamaha-motor.eu

Yamaha TMAX 2022 comes with three color choices, namely Extreme Yellow, Icon Blue, and Sword Grey. Especially the Extreme Yellow color was adapted from the first generation TMAX which was launched 20 years ago. While the TMAX Tech Max 2022 type comes in only two color choices, namely Dark Petrol and Power Gray.

Regarding the price, Yamaha has not officially disclosed to the public. However, it is predicted that TMAX 2022 will launch from March 2022 in Europe first.