Yamaha WR 155 R Gets New Clothes, Here Are The Color Choices


Yamaha presents new color and graphics options for their flagship trail bike, the WR 155 R. Now available the WR 155 R Black and WR 155 R Blue with new color combinations and new graphics.

“Off road motorcycle products are increasingly in demand by the public, so Yamaha continues to innovate and update according to the latest developments in adventure trends. This positive response also makes us often present new colors that increase consumer interest in the WR 155 R. As we did in September 2022 by launching WR 155 R Black which has a new color combination and WR 155 R Blue with new graphics,” said Antonius Widiantoro, Asst. General Manager Marketing – Public Relations PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

Yamaha WR 155 R Photo: Doc. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM)

For information, the WR 155 R Black has a combination of black and cyan, which represents a sporty, aggressive and fashionable character. This motorbike represents the soul of bikers who want to be the center of attention and appear more confident when driving on the streets. Especially for those who like touring and adventure activities. WR 155 R Black also has a new color on the frame which is now also affixed with cyan color so that it looks more attractive.

While the WR 155 R Blue depicts a modern and luxurious character that is suitable for those who want to look bold and elegant, worthy of being “The Real Adventure Partner” for lovers of off road activities. Yamaha pinned a blue color on the WR 155 R Blue which was inspired by the color of the Yamaha off road motorcycle line up with a larger capacity. In addition, there is also a touch of silver on the frame of this WR 155 R Blue.

The WR 155 R uses a long telescopic suspension type with a large diameter of 41 mm, making it more comfortable for off-road activities due to its good damping ability. The WR 155 R also uses dual purpose tires to improve mobility in all road conditions. In addition, the flat YZ Series-style seat design makes it easier for the driver to adjust the sitting position for easy maneuvering.

The Yamaha WR 155 R with new colors and new graphics is marketed for IDR 38,060,000 on the road in Jakarta.

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