Yamaha XSR 155 Modification Inspiration, Modified by Modern Flat Track Style


The custom design of the Yamaha XSR 155, four Yard Built builders, Central Java and Jogja, was made according to the concept of modifications to the motorbikes they would work on. One of them was born from the creation of a builder, Hendra Cahyono (Pap N Mam Modified) from Semarang.

Designing the concept of “Modern Flat Track”, Hendra said he could realize his dream of developing a classy motorcycle according to his own wishes.

“In this Yard Built program, I carry the concept of Modern Flat Track. Through this creation, I can express my ideas and innovations as a whole. Ideas and ideas about developing a motorcycle according to my wishes have come true. Like I said, this is my motorbike,” said Hendra. in an official statement.

Armed with a Yamaha XSR 155, Hendra made many modifications to the legs. And what looks quite striking from his work this time is the dimensions of the XSR 155. So that it doesn’t look too short, then he adds or connects to the wheelbase, so that it goes back 10 cm (extended swingarm). Thus, the dimensions of the XSR 155 will be longer.

To make it look more manly, Hendra embeds various knick-knacks on his modified XSR 155. For the appearance of the headlights and taillights, he carries the concept of a pop up style headlamp, where the lights can open and close automatically.

Then embed exhaust headers with titanium material equipped with exhaust valvetronic features and custom aluminum cylinders. And so that it looks masculine even when parked, Hendra has attached a side standard with the ESS (Electronic Side Stand) feature.

“So, in my work, safety features must still be considered. That’s why I pinned the ESS feature on the side standard,” said Hendra.