‘The X Factor UK’ Jury Becomes a Tourism Ambassador

Nevis – The island of Nevis has appointed celebrity and judge on the talent show ‘The X Factor UK’ Mel B as tourism ambassadors. Nevis turns out to be Mel B’s hometown. Travel+ Leasure reported, Saturday (12/3/2022) Melanie Brown or known as Mel B, a member of the Spice Girls and a talent search judge … Read more

Jennifer Lopez ‘Duet’ with Adults Only Cruise

Jakarta – Jennifer Lopez stole the attention of the traveler. Currently, he is the Chief Entertainment & Lifestyle Officer on Virgin Voryages Cruises. Reported from Travel+Leasure, Saturday (12/3/2022) cruise ship Virgin Voryages, a special 18+ cruise ship, entered into a partnership with superstar Jennifer Lopez. This collaboration is manifested in cruise ship services in the … Read more

Serve Arakbica, It’s a Slice of Bali in South Jakarta

Jakarta – A restaurant with Balinese dishes is located in the M Bloc Space area, Blok M, South Jakarta. It also contains Arakbica, a combination of Balinese wine and Kintamani coffee. Twalen Warong serves a variety of Balinese specialties such as mixed rice, satay wraps, to betutu chicken. Its signature drink, Arakbica, was created by … Read more

Getting to know Tutari, a Megalithic Site in Papua that Teaches Leadership

Jayapura – Tutari is a megalithic site located only 15 minutes from Sentani Airport, Papua. This site teaches about leadership. Located in Doyo Lama Village, Waibu District, Jayapura Regency, the Tutari Megalithic Site holds an interesting story. This is an archaeological remains in the form of large boulders whose surface is black. On the surface … Read more

Ginger Seasoning Chicken Soup Recipe for Immunity Enhancer

Jakarta – If you’re not feeling well, this simple chicken soup can be an option. It has a natural savory taste with clear broth and tender chicken that can be a stamina booster. Chicken soup Since ancient times believed to restore health. Both by the Chinese and from the West. This is because of the … Read more

Most Favorite Bandung for Aesthetic Staycation

Jakarta – Bandung became the champion for aesthetic staycations. Outperform and Bali. Aesthetic holidays are becoming a trend among travelers. Not only tourist attractions, aesthetic inns are also being hunted by travelers. Through the Traveloka Holiday Stays webinar, Traveloka Chief Marketing Officer Shirley Lesmana conveyed interesting facts regarding staycations. It turns out, travelers like private … Read more